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Help with a Homework

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Ok I need some help here. I have this assignment in my Psychology of Motivation class. I am supposed to interview 5 people and ask them "What would be so exciting about your job that you could not wait to get to work the next day?" and "Why?" The shitty part is I just quit my job and most of my friends are away for the holidays, so I figured I´d ask you guys. A lot of people posted about what job they do, so now let us know wht would make it so awsome that you would love to to it everyday, and couln´t wait to go back the next day.
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What I get really excited about, and can´t wait to get to work the next day? we have a really really hot office chick in here that has huge knockers and is fun to stare at

hehe ok seriously. We do phone work...like run phone wire, network wire, install systems, etc. If I know what I´m doing and I know how to do it, I can´t wait to get back to the job. I love to pull wire...it´s easy, it´s fun and it´s fulfilling to know that you did something constructive that day. When I´m on a jobsite that we do a LOT of wiring for, (if I´m there from the beginning) I look at it as fun, not work. Basically that´s what I look forward to. Unfortunately, everyday is different. Some days I might have to sit there and watch a coworker program a system I know nothing about, *YAWWWN* but most of the time I do a lot of hard, actual physical labor. I like the days that *I* actually get to do something.
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I love your honesty. When I was working at the Starbucks, I used to go to work just so I could see all the hotties that came in there to get coffee.
I love going to work because I dont like not being able to cut my bills, and most of all my job is paying for me to finish tuning the Scort....when I my car is busted or I can´t afford gas to just drive...I get really depressed, it sucks.

I also look forward to going to work because I work with technicians that have worked in everything from auto body, paint, other shops all area´s of automotive knowledge...so I can keep learning from them.

But to be honest I really hate my job. Customers that see the Sear´s commercials and want everything for free, or want services in 30 mins or less that we dont gaurantee a time for...all they do is bitch about everything.

My boss is a total bitch. She has no automotive knowledge what-so-ever. She treats customers like trash and pisses them off. She´s screwed up the schedule every week since May when I started. Because of her all of our Tech I´s and our DieHard Service Techs have quit.

Like today she 8 cars in the shop. 4 were alignments, 2 oil changes, and 4 were tires. Now realize that this was at 4pm when we only had 2 technicians left to do anything. So I hopped out in the shop and started busting tires on and off cars to help out....as you can imagine my pants got dirty, my shirt got dirty and I broke a sweat. I hope I´m right in assuming a 230lb guy breaking a sweat in 2 shirts, corduroy pants and a jacket would "stink" when he´s done working.

So before I left she told me that if my pants weren´t clean or I smelled tomorrow for work she said dont come in. I mean please. Just because I´m not a lazy 300lb woman and I´m willing to take care of business in an auto shop I get treated like that

To answer your question Justin, I´m ONLY at Sears because Prescott REALLY sucks for work. I can´t live without a job and I grew up being taught to be thankful for having a job and not being picky about what it is. I guess I consider it a bonus that I get to drive some cool cars, hang around really awesome guys, and talk to customers about automotive repair which is kind of a passion. (I´m a big fish in a small pond when it comes to understanding what´s wrong with a car in the sales group too.)
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Let´s see....well I work in photo lab and I do photography also and that is pretty exciting to a point. I like shooting pictures and "deveolping" peoples lives everyday.
I see everything from weddings to murders at work and it does have its good points and bad points. The really good points are the good lookin´ college girls that come in....and alot of them have money since they charge most of their pics. to daddy´s account.
The sucky part is dealing with people that can´t understand shit, even when you tried everything except drawing it in crayon. Try explaing some photography terms to a dumbass....its not fun.
All in all, I like my job and I get along real well with my boss. He and I are the only one´s who work there so its cool. He treats me right and lets me have time off when I need it. The other cool part is his mom and dad own a restraunt and I get discounts off my meals when I go.
Since I´ve worked there I picked up the cool hobby of photography. Some say I spend too much time and money on it but I love doing it. Hoping I can pay off my investments one day with some paying work.
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I like going to work now because I´ve finally got an office - which I´ve found causes other people to give a bit more respect. Didn´t expect it to happen, but getting acknowledgement out of people who previously wouldn´t have given me the time of day is satisfying to say the least. I also really enjoy checking on how my programs ran the night before during production. My job is to essentially automate our centralized rating department out of their jobs. It´s been a really good year (for me) and our #´s are way up so each day is an improvement that I get to mark on the chart and send to the boss. Another perk is when I can get creative with an old 386 or 486 pc and make it handle automation problems that our several hundred thousand dollar mainframe can´t. THAT gets exciting - seeing the faces on the I/S guys when they see a 15+ year old computer doing what their almighty system cannot.
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what if i hate my job.. i get to sit there and be everybody elses bitch and type a 2000 page stupid book (dimensions - 1´x1´x1", 10 font) and get to see all the ugly chicks who read alot and all the little kids that waste my time by asking stupid questions.. *why is this desk purple... why doesnt this computer work... he´s poking me*.... come to think of it.. im quitting my job..
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well thats hard to answer. I am a carpenters apprentice and i work for a general contractor. I love my line of work but I absolutly hate who i work for. I love carpentry work cuase it is really gratifying when you build somthing that looks good and everyone will see. You can stand back and say" damn that looks good", and tell everyone "I built that". And it is also gratifying when you get your check and you know you really worked for that money your getting. I love knowing that I am learning a trade and I love to work for my money. I am not ashamed to tell anyone what I do cause it is a real hard working job that keeps this country going. It is really gratifying in all those ways.
But who I work or is another story. i have been laid off since the second week of november. They are not getting the work to keep busy and since I am at the bottom I am the first to go. I have to pay them for my daughters insurance still which is about half my unemployment a month. and i get alot of the shit jobs caus eno tmany people there feel like showing me whats going on somtimes. All i get is read your book, which isn´t how the course is designed to work, but they don´t care. I know enough to get along but I want to learn every aspect of it and not everyone seems to really care about that.
So thats why I love my career but hate my job.
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