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As the topic says, the starter on my 91 Escort GT will not engage. The electrical system seems to activate when the key is turned on, but the starter does not turn over at all.

When this happened, I assumed it was the starter itself, so I bought a new one and put it in. That didnt fix it.

Next, I checked all the fuses with a test light, and visually checked each fuse in the engine compartment. They are all OK.

I then thought it must be the saftey switch that is engaged when you push the clutch in before turning the key. So, I jumpered it, and that did not fix it either.

Lastly, I read another post here that said it may be the relay in the engine bay, so I switched it out, and that did not fix it either. Interestingly, the thread also said that it was the same as the headlight relay, and that the starter shared the cooling fan relay in the engine compartment. However, the only relay in the engine compartment that is the same as the headlight one (from under dash) is marked 'Fuel Inj', and the one marked 'Cooling Fan' is totally different. So, if indeed the starter shares the cooling fan relay, it could be that the relay in broken.

If my problem is not the relay labelled 'Cooling Fan', and it is not the starter, or the safety switch, what else could it be? I have checked everything I can think of.

Any ideas? I should also mention that the car was boosted the second last time it started, maybe something was wrecked there....

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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