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help possibly dropped valve seat or something !!!!

Discussion in '2nd Gen 1991-1996 1.9L SOHC' started by 96projectescort, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. 96projectescort

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    lost power to #4 and check engine started to flash got it home and took off my valve cover and noticed that #4 the spring was completly compressed on the topside but the other three were not tried to start it and oil started squirting out of it or so it looked like if its the valve seat what should i do do i take it to the shop or is it worth just swapping it or just calling it quits on this car

  2. denisond3

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    south TX or northern VA
    I am not able to give you much good news.
    Whether you take it to a repair facility, or do the work yourself - you are going to need AT Least another engine head, or that one rebuilt. The vavle stuck down would mean its likely jammed open by bits of the inlet valve seat, and bent too.
    It is possible (tho not likely) that no damage has been done to the piston, or pistons. But in many cases where folks on these forums have had the #4 inlet valve seat come loose and break up, the fractured pieces of the valve seat get squashed between the head and the piston top. If its run very long this way (a few seconds is long) the broken pieces can get blown back past that open intake valve, into the intake manifold, then get sucked into other cylinders, and get mashed between the tops of the other pistons. "Communicable Failure".
    This is likely to deform the piston tops, causing the top compression ring to be jammed back into the now-squeezed ring groove. Whether there is any damage to the wrist pin, the wrist pin bushing, or the connecting rod journal on the crankshaft would need to be determined by dismantling the engine.
    If you remove the head -- and dont see ANY damage to the pistons, then a rebuilt engine head would be the solution, along with careful cleaning of metal bits out of the intake manifold, and making sure your cooling system was in good shape.
    If you remove the head -- and see any goudgings on the piston tops - then the only way to make it reliable again would involve pulling the motor out and seeing what it needed.
    Getting a junkyard engine that ran, and having a valve job done on its head, putting new seals on the crankshaft, and maybe piston rings (the oil control rings would need it most I think), would probably be less expensive than fixing your existing engine; If the piston tops show damage.
    At least Escort engines arent too hard to rebuild, and the empty block can be carried around by hand - unlike working on biggger engines.
  3. zzyzzx

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    Baltimore, MD USA
    I agree with denisond3.

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