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aye yae yae. I was planning on going to race my car at the track last night and ever since I put on a new cv it´s been making some weird grinding noise when the engine is on, it´s in gear and the clutch is in. With it in neutral with the clutch in it doesn´t do it. so I figured out the clutch is not disengaging. But....The fork on the tranny is moving, by looking in the tranny through the hole for the fork I can see the throw out bearing moving. My father in law says I blew the clutch. It now won´t go into gear at all. When I raise it up on blocks and start the car with it in gear (it goes in gear with engine off) the tires start going like crazy, even with the clutch in. Does anyone have any advice? could it be clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder not being able to push the fork enough but being able to move it a little bit (it has about an inch of travel). I´m lost here and I don´t want to take the whole tranny off again if I don´t have to. HELP!!
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