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HELP...No Power!

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Help....my Escort has no power.
It´s an 89 LX SOHC CFI (emphasis on the CFI).
It´s only got 75HP.
I step on the gas pedal and it´s SLOW.
What do I do?
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I also have an 87 gt and drove it home from 45 mins away on 3 cyliders so i rebuilt the engine now its fine but you could always just go out and buy a gen 2 lol...
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Hey Mark,
how many miles are on the motor ?
Try new plugs, wires, cap, rotor....fresh fluids ?
Then again, ever since I drove my friends 3000GT around for a night my scort feels so pathetic
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[ Edited by mkuchere On Date 09-10-2002 ]
The engine only has 117,000KM on it.
It´s in pretty good condition...it´s just that the stock engine is a pile of junk.
I need to mod the mofo but I´m the cheapest person you´ll ever meet.
Plus, NOTHING fits those bloody CFI´s.
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One word.... NOS. Either that or upgrade to an HO motor and computer.
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