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I am supposed to take my car for the vehicle emissions test, i just got my final warning today but i have a problem!! On my 96 Egt, there´s two black solenoids sitting behind the valve cover just to the right of the fuel rail. When i was at school, i downloaded the description from shop key, and it said that it was a ( FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR VACUUM SOLENOID ). I called the ford dealer i used to work at but they said it was obsolete! So i called a mazda dealer and he said it was un-available!! CRAP!!! Iff anyone that lives in the US would happen to have an extra one laying around, and you wouldn´t mind parting with it( even if you would want a couple of bucks for it ) i would greatly appreciate it..If you might have info on where i could get one online send me an e-mail at [email protected] Thanks.... Dan


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