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HELP ... fORD problems ... haha

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okay i have a problem with my 93 gt. I dunno whats going on but everytime i take off in first gear my car "jerks" and like acts like it wants to die but its not me on the clutch/gas... i can release fine and then hit the gas (in 1st gears still) and it will do it... i dont know could it be bad spark plugs or something little or what? i just had a new clutch put in about 40 days ago and its in great condition i dont know what the problem is i thought some of you older... well more experienced car / escort guys could help me out.. i would really appreciate it ahead of time.

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Check your intake pipe for a crack or other leak. What you describe sounds just like my 93 GT. It was split underneath the pipe right in the middle, about a 2" long split. Couldn´t see it unless I bent it, which is what´s happening when you hit the gas, the engine torques, causing movement in the pipe, letting in unmetered air. For a quick fix, try Shoe Goo. Or consider getting an upgraded intake using an aluminum pipe.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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