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HELP ... fORD problems ... haha

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okay i have a problem with my 93 gt. I dunno whats going on but everytime i take off in first gear my car "jerks" and like acts like it wants to die but its not me on the clutch/gas... i can release fine and then hit the gas (in 1st gears still) and it will do it... i dont know could it be bad spark plugs or something little or what? i just had a new clutch put in about 40 days ago and its in great condition i dont know what the problem is i thought some of you older... well more experienced car / escort guys could help me out.. i would really appreciate it ahead of time.

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Cracked intake hose. yep i had that same problem...go figure??? I also had a hole in my exhaust right below the header where the O2 sensor is. for two days i had to start out in second gear. No good for racing.
I spent just over 500 dollars in all in two weeks, first 127 was for my two serpantine belts before it was jerking like that, and then another 390 for the pipe, hose with installation and labor after it was jerking like that. It´s getting dirty air and is probably not liking it, that´s why it´s jerking around. If you want to get a cold air intake, nows your chance.
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