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Engine Help Find New Rocker Arm Bolts

Discussion in 'Part Numbers' started by DaveH, Oct 5, 2013.

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    I own a 1987 Escort GL, four door station wagon, SOHC 1.9L EFI, ATX tranny, PS, PB, without A/C. I'm currently changing the worn out rocker arms w/Sealed Power R-1053 Rocker Arms. The Sealed Power Kit provides a nut for a stud set up, I have the bolt set up. I'm not able to find someone who has the bolts. The bolt in SAE is 5/16 "-20 x 1-7/8 Class 9.8 Flanged Hex Head (8 mm-??thread pitch in mm x 47 to 48 mm in length). Does anybody know the part number from Ford or any other manufacturer so that I can look them up online?


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