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just wanted to throw this out there for you guys. it´s a banner ad that rotates through our site to join the feoa team. but i figured i would post here to let you all know about it. the software runs "nice," meaning if your computer needs to use the processor for something else you are doing it will let it. it only uses what is available to it. you don´t have to connect to the internet all that often if you are on dial up either.


go there to download the software. then after you have installed the software, go here and join the feoa team.

FEOA´s United Devices Team

i thought it would be somethin cool to do. knowing that there are lots of us here, obviously got here on a computer, so why not let it do something useful while it´s not being used. through talking to some of you, i have also heard bout how cancer has you and i, so maybe do it for those people. and if you don´t want to, no big deal.
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