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My first post, I hope there's someone out there smarter than I am (shouldn't be hard! :wink: ). Anyway, the car: 1996 LX Wagon 1.9L. The car is shuddering on hard acceleration, and under load. The research I did suggested it was the EGR system. Tested the EGR valve - OK. Tested the EGR vacuum regulator - no vacuum coming through when appropriate. Replaced EVR - still no vacuum coming through. There's vacuum before the EVR (16mm Hg), but the solenoid never opens. Tested the connector, which is where it gets weird. There's ALWAYS 14.5 V at the connector, right from cold idle to sustained 2000RPM warmed up. My understanding was that juice should only be flowing when the CPU wants the solenoid to open. And regardless, power/no power, the EVR doesn't let any vacuum through, period. Same behaviour in the old and the new EVR. What exactly is the EVR looking for in order to open? Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!

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