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hello all,
new to the board wifes 95 escort 1.9 4 door is having some issues

the motor will over heat very quickly
i am hearing a psssssst. noise coming from the engine and its leaking coolant from what seems like a gasket.

i can hod my finger on the gasket and quiet the psssst.. i can blow with my mouth and then u will see white steam coming from the gasket.

i can explain the position of the gasket like this...
if u pop the hood and follow the black hose running from the right side of the radiator to the engine..the hose enters a housing then where that housing meets the engine is where the gasket is leaking..
make sense??
this housing / gasket is in clear view from the front of the car.. is that possiblly the thermostat housing?>

easy fix?
common issue?
how much?
can it lead to other problems?
head gasket?

thank you all..

im from a site called vwvortex.com
stop by if u ever need VW help
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