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HELP cardomain

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how do you post pic on cardomain?
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You have to upload the pic. I think there is a button that says browse, click that and find the pic you want to post and select it. Then after it is selected press the upload button that is right under that. After the pic is uploaded it will have a #. Depending how you want it displayed you type IMG # L or IMG # R or IMG # C in the space you write your page info in. Enclose them all in this < at the begining and > at the end.(L is for displaying it on the left side of the screen, R is for right and C is for center) The # sign is for the # the pic is like 1, 2, 3,... After that just press update page and i think you are done. Hope this helps :-]

(This is all assuming you have already created an account on cardomain)

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