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Hi everyone! Im actually from Wisconsin, but my '93LX took me to the Colorado mountains before breaking down. It was a long 14 1/2 hr drive to Denver, followed by an hour into the mountains. After sitting a week, I got coolant smoke from the engine. It's been sitting a month now in the Vail Valley.

Between my dad and me, we've had six escorts over the years. The first one was a mid80's EXP, then my first car was a handed down '95 Tracer Trio. We had a 2000 escort, my current 93LX, a parts car '95LX, and a '94wagon. Right now I've been allowed to use my friend's '94 LXW, which is in rough shape. (I'll be posting about this.)

This site is amazing! The section on repairs for problem solving is extremely useful, and I look forward to using the classifieds section.

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