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The temp gauge on my 1.9L LX ran too high, until I replaced that strange little connector located at the negative terminal of the battery. It was not corroded all that much, but... I cut the connectors off, and soldered the wires to a short length of thicker wire, the other end of which I soldered to the bolt where the negative battery cable is bolted to the body; behind the battery. Then the temp gauge read right in the middle.
I have two other LX Escorts, all of mine are 2nd gens 1.9L LX's. The temp gauge on my 94 read very low, until I changed the sensor. Its the one with the single contact, and there seems to be different part numbers for it, depending it being from an "early vs a late" 2nd gen. LX. So one you get from a car in a JY may be right, or may be 'off'.
Two other things that are minor annoyances: the defroster switch for the rear window may quit working, and the automatic seat belt may jam in its track. On my 91 Escort that seat track had already stopped mid-way. I took it apart, got the belt latch 'slider' moved to the rearmost position, and now use it like a regular belt. Except I have to buckle up two latches; the one for the shoulder, the one for the waist.
Good Luck with your car.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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