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Hello, my name is Josh. I am 17 and live in Ohio and own a 1995 Ford Escort LX 2 DR Hatchback with a 5 speed transmission. The stock color was this faded red that looked pink, it was an ugly color lol. My dad does auto body, and me and him painted it white. It has 164,600 miles on.

I wrecked it back in September of 2009 (hit hard in the front passenger side), just a month after painting it and doing other body work to it. It was totaled of coarse, and i bought it back from the insurance company for a 100 bucks and used the left over money to fix it, cost me 400 in junkyard parts and paying my dad for helping me and still had 800 bucks left over. Now it looks like nothing happened to it. It sheared the fender right off, crushed the fender rail and upper core support and broke the headlight and grill. Its fixed now and besides a seized timing belt tensioner pulley witch almost burned the belt off, its been a great car. Salvage rebuilt title now too lol.

This is the first forum i have joined and I'm glad to be here!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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