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Hello Everyone.
I recently inherited a very straight 1991 Mercury Tracer Wagon from my recently deceased Mother. Well, straight other than the KS hailstorm damage, and a tree fell on it at one time.
She is a 1.9L, 5 spd., with A/C. Actually, heavily optioned, from what I gather. Needs a few things here and there, but is in really clean overall shape, and runs like a top. Heck, the fuel and brake lines are still the dark green from the factory, which is a rarity for older cars here in Ohio.
Luckily for her, and me, she spent most of her life in KS.

I have a connection on buying a great running 1.9L 5 spd Escort for 300 bucks, so I want to begin planning for the future inevitable rebuild. So, why not Mod for performance while I'm at it? I am very interested in Turbo'ing the spare SOHC 1.9L. My goal is @ 150-200 HP, but yet very streetable.

My question is, I have done several searches here on turbo'ing the SOHC 1.9L, but the info is scattered, sparse, and unorganized at best. Lotta guys yelling at noobs to "search", which I understand.

Apparently, the DOHC and HO 1st gen seem to be the engines that guys turbo. I dunno. Maybe I've missed something.

I work at a diesel shop, and my boss rebuilds turbos like nothing, so what I am looking for in cores at a wrecking yard to reach my goals would be a huge help. Hybrid turbos not a problem at all. Probably going to use window washer injection as well as an Intercooler. Megasquirt a good possibility as well.

Any links, advice, or help to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.

So TY in advance!

Glad to be here!
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