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Didn't put this in the for sale section cause it is not an actual sale item yet....

Hey guys,whats going on.Havent been around for a while.Been very busy at work,and the wife never ceases to be a pain on my rump.And to be honest,the little time left is being dedicated to my Caliber and the gathering of parts to give it some more get up an go.Not an easy task to do when aftermarket parts are in limited production.Tends to push prices mad high and I'm still in an Escort budget.... LOLZ

Anyways,The Escort is going back on the road,but it is going stock.It's back to stock form,just have to Re-do the exhaust system.
I really never finished the setup 100% cause I lost boost from 1 moment to the other,and after getting rapped twice with bad turbos,a nagging wife and other B.S., I gave up.(By the way,the problem was the IC.When I modified it to fit the front,I weakened it and it sprung a leak.)

So,I will be selling the manifold(1.6 American Escort turbo manifold),injectors(24#'s),FMU,FPR,and Gauges(Boost ,Fuel pressure and AFR).I also have the RBH52 turbo(40 trim) but not sure if I should sell it to you guys.It feels tight,doesnt seep oil and it spins freely,but not sure it is actually any good.So maybe ill throw it in with the mani along with my HM downpipe.

If there is any interest,let me know and I will put it on the FS section with prices.If no interest is shown,Ebay,here I come...
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