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After a grueling 4 month search I finally found another 91-92 GT 5spd and I put a down payment on it and am going this saturday to pick it up. After being repeatedly slapped in the face by finding 91-92 GTs and then finding out they are automatic ( NO OFFENSE TO YOU AUTO. GUYS). Then after I put down on the car I was slapped in the face again only this time it was by a 5sp. Put money down on my car w/120,000 miles for $2000 and then found one with 68,000 miles for $2000. But really Im just happy to be back driving my Escort GT. My small claims court date is end of Feb. for the lady that totaled by BABY. :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o
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THOSE BASTARDS HEY!! now i gotta start that same grueling search ;-)
Ok that reminds me of what JUST happened tonight...i about lost my baby. I´m still pissed when i think about it. nah but I did flash my brights at her. I was comin back from wendy´s and i went around a truck and got back into the right lane just as she was coming out of the Krogers parking lot here in town, well she never stopped and either didn´t see me or just didn´t look, and so I had to slam on the brakes from 55 mph when she pulled out in front of me...I was holding my large mellow yellow cause it´s too big to fit in the cup holders, try having to downshift, honking, braking, and then having to accelerate to keep pace with the rest of traffic, pretty much all at the same time...i honked my horn and flashed my f*#kin´ brights at this bitch then flipped her off when i got next to her. she was from another county and was oblivious to everything around her. I hate people that have no respect for other peoples property. :-Y
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Oops James - nearly had similar accident yesterday - my brake pedal had so much travel I needed an overnight bag to stop!! Fixed now, contaminated brake fluid!

Bloke pulled out of his driveway looking to his right - I was coming from his left (we drive on left here) he didn´t look my way at all - fortunately I honked in time and he stopped a couple of inches from my front end. Insurance companies here being the way they are, a dent in the bumper could mean a write-off even though my scort is in perfect nick. Slight exageration perhaps but cars over five or six years are persona non grata in the UK. (As are all private car owners it would seem!)

Have you seen my RedScort pic on page 4? Red rules or what!!!
Foxy, yeah I checked out the pics of ´Eric.´ Nice scort, man. Those wheels are neat-o.
Red scorts definitely rule!!! :p

Cobrascort, congrats on the new scort purchase!
You lost me tho, did you end up in the GT w/68k miles or the other one?
Good luck with it either way. Keep us all posted!
No, I got the one that was 120,000 miles. I really wanted white or silver and this one is silver. This time around though I´m not playing any games. I am going alllllllllllll out with this car including full coverage insurance. Thanks. ;-)
Don´t worry to much about the milage. The 1.8 was designed to last a loooong time. My car has 180,000 miles on the clock and it still runs extremely well. Definatly get full coverage, its worth it even if you don´t total your car. For instance, I only have state minimum coverage. About a year ago in my old scort I was driving past (not behind) this truck and a stone chipped my windshield. I didn´t have glass insurance and therefore never got it fixed. Then about two months ago in my new scort; an ice storm knocked down a limb and cracked my windshield. This time it was much much worse and will have to be replaced soon. So even if no one hits your car, bad things can still happen to it so it pays to have a little extra protection.
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