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heater control issue? 91 Escort Wagon

Discussion in 'HVAC' started by Specialk, Apr 10, 2018.

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    Recently, my 91 Ford Escort Wagon had a problem moving ?directional lever? and a large click happened and I no longer have directional options unless I move the lever on passenger side under dash by hand.
    I don't know what to fix, or look for.... Help anyone?
    I can provide photos, but this is a non a.c. car. Of course I bought a 94 Service manual and it figures its different.....
    I really don't mind, but when I get one thing fixed another pops up. Like pluming problems or horns and turn signals not working or directional control lever. Oh yea and the roof is leaking again.....:brb:......
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    south TX or northern VA
    There is a small cable running from the top of the heater control, down to the thing on the passenger side. It attaches at both ends, and may have come loose. With age, those cables get a little bit stiff, and the plastic thing that it moves on the side of the heater may have gotten bent or loose. Its in an easy place to get kicked by passengers.
    Its also possible the plastic on the upper part of the heater control selector has broken. And yes, the 93 and earlier had the extra lever for controlling outside air flow versus recycling interior air, and on the 94 and later that lever is gone. Its function was incorporated in the lever that chooses where the air comes out. But otherwise the heater control panel is much the same on the backside.
    By getting down to where you can crane your neck to see up behind the dashboard, you might see the cable has come off of what it is supposed to move. If that still seems intact, getting the heater control panel apart for repair/replacement is not the easiest thing to work with. There is a bezel around that heater control panel which can be pried off gently, using a kitchen knife or some such. Then you will see four small screws that hold that heater control panel in. With them removed, you can pull the heater control out, but should disconnect the other cables running from it to the two white plastic pieces on the left and right sides of the heater. Even then it will be hard to get your fingers in there to unhook the couple of electrical cables. They connect to the heater blower motor.

    As for one thing showing up after you fix the last problem - Im afraid that is the same story for most cars over 20-25 years old. Its just that with many cars, they werent so likeable or easy to fix, and were scrapped years ago. Im thinking of Chevy Vegas and Citations, VW rabbits, first generation Hyundai Excels, and all the vehicles that FIAT, Jaguar, or MG ever made. The MG-TD's were beautiful little sports cars, but keeping them running soaked up more time than you could enjoy driving them!
    There are parts that only fail every 5 years, or 10 years or after 20 years. And Im sure there are parts on my Escorts that are waiting to fail when the car is 30 years old.

    It may not make you feel any better, but my 32 Chevy only had a heater if you bought one from the dealer.
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