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Hole, it looks like the pic you are looking at from the showcase is BMW 3-series lights, while Blade´s pics are of BMW Z3 headlights. It is funny that you guys are asking about this, as I am half way through that project, myself. And I thought I was the first one to come up with that idea. I have been thinking about this for about six years, after I saw a 3-series in a parking lot. Over the years, I have casually measured the occassional BMW with my hand, a sheet of paper, my checkbook, etc., all the while mulling the project. Well, I have finally done it. I should be done this weekend, now that Hurricane Lili is out of here.

As for the fitment, it is amazingly close and could look perfect by using GTS clear covers, but I am going to try the stock BMW covers, even though they do not match the curvature of the Escort, perfectly. There is an inherent advantage, in the fact that the BMW units are slightly shorter in height, so I have an ideal cold air induction port between the headlight and the bumper. To round it all out, I am using Tracer parking lights.

I was waiting until I finished it to tell you folks, but since you were on the subject, I figured I could let the cat out of the bag. It is a car-projectin´ weekend, as I should have my suspension put together by Sunday afternoon. Yeah!

Dumb question. I´m not a computer geek, so don´t break my balls, here. It is not completed, but I have some early pics of the lights. My question is, how do I attach a pic to my post? I know. I know. Look, I´m a car guy, not a computer guy.


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