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I wanted to get some nicer looking headlights on my escort, but I don´t want to just use those headlight styling kits that every 3rd jetta on the road has now. I want to get actual projector headlights, or something like the Escort Cosworth´s headlights. Is there anything compatable with the 2nd gen escorts that looks good?
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As of right now...No

But "Relic" is again working on a set of Euro Clear headlights.

Estimated date of release if they are going to be made....Winter ´02 +/-
Relic had a set prototyped...but they are a no go as of right now.

Zonker (zxtuner.com) has a company offshore working on a production run of Altezzas for the Hatch backs. E.T.A. on those - Fall ´02

Full clear tails for Hatches....might be happening in a company in FT. Lauterdale (spelling
?) in Florida....but not 100% sure on that one.
cool keep us updated plz and if you find a site or something with em please tell me.
I want the projector headlights tho.. maybe I have to make my own?

And, I was looking at a set of euro-tails at my work (they were for a pickup), and they look really close to the size of the taillights on my wagon. Is there any way they could fit?
I did not see what years but GTS makes a projector cover.Of course like everything else not for any of mine!
What tails were you looking at Ryo??
Not sure what truck those were from. I´ll check on friday... They´re a little too tall, but there appears to be enough space to fit them...
Cool......cause i MIGHT be able to make them fit....MAYBE!!!!!!

If you´re interested???
Yeah they do...sorta!

Clear lenses...with an amber reflector in the corner.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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