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Headlight Bulbs

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Does anyone have any recommendations for headlight bulbs to fit a 2nd gen?

I just got new headlights for my 94, and want to upgrade the bulbs too while I´m at it. I don´t want anything high power that will fry my wiring or be illegal. A custom look and better illumination would be nice. Any ideas?
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Well, I took the easy way out with my yellowed and oxidized lenses, and just bought brand-new replacement headlight assemblies.

Who makes a 9004SB bulb? Does "SB" stand for Super Bright?
Any more suggestions on what kinda bulbs I should put in them?
:p Thanx everyone!
Any ideas?
I ordered APC UltraWhite (Dot aproved) bulbs from NOPI. They were not crazy expensive like some others. I´ll let you know how I like ´em!
Today I installed brand new headlights on my 94 LX, along with APC Ultra White bulbs. The change is pretty dramatic. Even with the lights off, the lenses are so much clearer. They actually match my clear corners now. When I got the first one on, I turned the headlights on to compare new with old, and the new bulbs put out a white light unlike the yellowish light of the stock bulbs. While the light beam itself is white, the lens lights up slightly blue. I´m very happy with the change so far, and will have to see how I like this color light for driving. It definitely looks 100% better tho!
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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