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Headlight Bulbs

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Does anyone have any recommendations for headlight bulbs to fit a 2nd gen?

I just got new headlights for my 94, and want to upgrade the bulbs too while I´m at it. I don´t want anything high power that will fry my wiring or be illegal. A custom look and better illumination would be nice. Any ideas?
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On kinda a similar topic, does anyone know how to take the faded yellowness out of old headlight cadings?
headlight *casings* not cadings... I would have edited, but it won´t let me. Casings as in the actual unit that acts as the lens for the bulb...
great. but are they talking about the OUTSIDE of the lens, or the inside of the lens? It seems like sandpaper would leave a ton of scratches everywhere...
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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