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Headlight Bulbs

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Does anyone have any recommendations for headlight bulbs to fit a 2nd gen?

I just got new headlights for my 94, and want to upgrade the bulbs too while I´m at it. I don´t want anything high power that will fry my wiring or be illegal. A custom look and better illumination would be nice. Any ideas?
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I´ve got 9004SB in my scort, they´re not ultra super duper bright, but they´re definately brighter than the stock bulbs.
Never mind, try this

I got the BBCode wrong, hopefully it´ll work this time ;-)
They´re talking about the outside of the lenses. When you get up to the higher grits (2000 grit) it doesn´t actually take much plastic away, and then when you use the clearcoat and/or plastic polish, it gives the lenses an ultra-clear wet look.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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