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Header Paint

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I have the Pacesetter header which was ´flame-sprayed´ with the molten aluminum coating to retain heat. In some areas, the finish has discolored or cracked (not in danger of falling off). Can anyone recommend a method to clean up and paint the header using something that won´t melt off during the first use? I´d like to treat the header and paint/cure it and not have to do it again! Thanks
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you could get your header ceramic coated.
go to your local auto store and tell them you need spray paint for the headers, they´ll give you a can of high temp paint. this stuff does work, but it can be a little expensive. just make sure you take a wire wheel to the headers to get the aluminum coating off so your headers can hold the paint.
The header is already aluminum coated, hmm maybe it is ceramic. Feels like it. Didn´t want to take the coating off however, just to cover it/protect from elements and to make the engine bay look a little nicer. How hot do you suppose a header could get? 700´ ?? Most of the hi-temp paint I´ve seen is supposed to last up to 500-600...
trust me, the paint will work. plus, if the headers hit 700 degrees, that means your pistons are gone, and anything else aluminum as aluminum melts at 820 degrees, and i´m sure that the inside of the motor is hotter than the headers.
Ha. Didn´t think about that. Yeah, guess 700 is a bit much....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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