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You know what? I´m tired of it. of it all. I´m just flat out sick of it. My brother has a friend with a really nice tricked out Galant. I gave him props on it and told him it was nice. Then I showed him my car. He told me "Please don´t spend anymore money on that car" "it´s a waste of cash". What the flying fuck is that? I AM SO TIRED of haters who can´t just bite their lips and say nice. Even if it is a lie. I mean for Pete´s sake I´ve tried for the last 8 months to get a new car, i went to Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, & even Honda. But no, I just didn´t bring enough to the table to make them feel like I could be trusted with making monthly payments on the Corolla S, or Spec V. If I had the money to get a new car then I would have the money to make this car look, run, handle, feel, and even smell new. I´m taking this shit one day at a time and I´m sick of being told that I´m wrong and stupid.

So now here I am being told by some asshole (I backspaced the racial slur I was going to use, because I don´t like using it) that I´ve NEVER met to stop "wasting" money on MY FREAKIN CAR. Why does he think he´s so special? because he has a car that has a chance to win the NOPI nationals this year? big fucking deal. My car will stomp all over him at the track and off lights. He has a different goal than I do and I respect that, but when the respect is lopsided, then I get a little...no...a LOT pissed off. All I hear about day in and day out is how I drive a "Ford" and how the quality isn´t there. I´m just tired of it. I don´t know why people gotta be like this.

I´m sick of being pushed around and the more I push back the more they take the rug right out from under my feet. Why do they get to pick on me and to keep them from doing it I have to PRETEND it doesn´t bother me? That´s a BULLSHIT tactic that just adds stress and ulcers to your life. Since this is the only place with people who know exactly how I feel, I felt like I could vent...so thank you for listening. :-Y :-Y
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Thanks for saying it, I didn´t feel like typing that much! :-] :-] :-]
James, we drive ESCORTS! It´s a disposable car despite how much we like it and all that we know about its capabilities. There are always going to be those close-minded people who throw hate around needlessly. That´s the way the world is. Sad but true. The only option you have is to grin and bear it or just walk away. Because some people just won´t change. Even if you proved it on th street.
See I don´t believe that. They might not be the best cars in the world, but that doesn´t mean I should take it and walk away. Every car is disposable. I don´t care if you spent 1200 on an EGT or 1.2 million on a Ferrari Enzo. They´re all meant to crumble and crunch when you lose it.

15-02-2003 at 22:47, Zeemax wrote:
James, we drive ESCORTS! It´s a disposable car despite how much we like it and all that we know about its capabilities.


Yeah... I´m 18 and I can´t afford my lotus elise yet, so I drive a scort. I know it´s a piece of shit, but it´s everything I´ve got and I love it. I don´t go out and brag about it, and if anybody gives me shit, I just tell them that I´m a passionate owner and I don´t have the money to get a really high end car. No shame in that.

Haters should be ignored, because they only insult themselves by living.
VTEC OWNZ J00!! uhh WHOOPS!! wrong forum...LOL. hey James, i used to be one of those fucks that if it wont a Honda, then it wont shit but thats not how you make friends. i feel if u show respect, then u should get respected back. and thats how i am, irespect everyone no matter what they drive. now since everyone here drives a Ford and the tuner industries makes us feek as if we are lower than snail shit because they would rather support Hondas, Fuckus...err Focus and just about every other car than our beloved little Escorts, then we gotta give them all the middle finger and tell em to go fuck themselves because this is the car that we enjoy. besides, it makes me feel like i am a pimp because we got a car that shares the same name as a hooker....LOL.

ehh i hope this made some type of sense....LOL
plus you can use a play on words when driving someone somewhere:
"May I Escort you to your destination, madame?" ;-)
yea were i work there is a stupid ignorant yes the ´´n´´ word, that thinks his stupid little honda accord can somp my little escort, or should i say thought. he was talking all this smack about his car had this and his car had that, and i finnally said your car aint shit, nothing but a little honda that was built to break down. so he said he wanted to line em up, so i agreed, but he kept talking about it and kept saing "yea lets line em up" and i kept saying lets go. then it hit him, this guy is so willing to race what"s he got under his hood, and he began to get nervous. so finnally took him out to the parking lot and lit em up right in front of him. his draw dropped, so i sayed hows that smoke smell bitch, and he wont say a word to me now. i think i hurt his feelings, we were going to go tittle for tittle to. i could have used another car, although i wont ever drive a honda. i put to much of my blood sweat and tears into my little ford escort, to have some little bitch to dissrespect it. im proud to own a car that you have to custome make almost every thing for it, it makes it unique unlike the pices of bolt on shit they make for hondas that every body has. and anny one who would dare to call there escort a piece of crap, is not a true member of the ford escort family. well thats just my two cents, more to come stay tooned. i feel your pain james
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I just dislike it when people tell me to buy something new. spend the same money on something new. If I got a new car all my money would go into car payments and insurance, so why not just SAVE that same amount of cash and make my car better all the while keeping the car that´s paid for and comes with cheaper insurance rates? Yeah. I think I´ll do that. I´m fairly sure my Escort would kill his car because I looked it up...Galants are slow...except the 1993 VR4. That´s all i care about.

I wouldn´t mind having his car though. 2002 Mitsu Galant Pearl white...even though it is an automatic. I couldn´t tell him what I really thought about him since he was a friend of my brothers who went to Basic & then through ROTC with him.


See for yourself how nice it is. Hell by the time I end up fixing up the engine nice I´ll do the exterior and sound system, go to NOPI Nationals and win it myself. Show him up. That´s the way to get people to shutup Zee. ;-)
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if thats all it takes to win at nopi, then thats truly sad... theres nothign special about that car. I have my own view about trying to make an escort fast, but I´ll keep it to myself. Anyone who is interested in cars deserves respect in my book. It really ticks me off when some kids mommy and daddy buy them that hopped up mustang or camaro then go around bragging about how it will stomp everyones car when they don´t even know what makes an engine go round.
sorry to say James, but that Galant doesnt impress THAT much. and IF that wins NOPI, i will shit a gold brick...lol
Well Brian, I did put up a message in his guestbook stating that same thing...but you have to admit it´s clean, and it looks great. But Yeah I was thinking about it, anyone can put an LCD screen w/ a PS2 and 12" subs in their trunks. :cool:
hey that happens to me every day. one of my friends has a zx2 and he hates it, he wants a honda civic because he thinks that hondas are better. that is a bunch of bs. it was when it was still warm out and we were at church and he was saying how crapy his zx2 was because it had no speed. just five minutes later another friend of mine pulled up in his civic and i asked him if he wanted to race he said sure. i told my friend with the zx2 to give me the keys and get in the passenger seat. he had no problem with that because he thought that i was stupid for racing a civic that was all pimped out. so we drove to an old street that is not used any more and we raced. i smoked the living hell out of that civic and my friend with the zx2 i think shit his pants but he looks at escorts differently now. i love escort. :-] ;-) :-D :) :cool:
people are always calling my car cute and nice.. its stock except for the mb motoring rims
Don´t sweat that guy James. He´s got no taste. Anyone who thinks bling bling rims with the wrong offset and tires that are too small for them look good on a car has no sense of style or automotive sense about them. That Galant of his could look nice.. if he knew what he was doing. No matter how you look at it, he started with a brand new car and just threw a bunch of money at it.. he gets no respect from me.. and I´d only laugh if I saw him on the street.
Dont worry about what he said. His car isnt anything special. It would be
different if he had something like a new V-6 Altima for so but a Galant?
Its a nice car, but I wouldnt trade it for my GT. Dont worry about getting
a new car yet James, it will happen soon enough for you, give it time and do
what you are going to do with your GT and enjoy it for now.
I would´ve been so offended since he doesn´t know you and you just propped his ride that I would not have the inner peace you had to just shut up. I would have asked him all the things you asked here, like" What the **** do you know, you festering pusswad?" or "Couldn´t your mama take the crack pipe out of her mouth long enough to teach you some manners?" etc., etc.
There´s one thing an Escort owner can do that I´d like to see the Galant owner try. Try paying it off! I just plunked down $3K and paid off my car after a year of financing. Now it´s MINE. No bank or other party owns my car. Now I can put my freed up car payment elsewhere. Ask the Galant owner where his money´s going. He´s probably paying close to $300 a month for 4 years! And then there´s the cost of modifications. Couple of things the Escort´s got over the Galant. You haul damn near anything in it, from furniture, to helping your girlfriend move, television, a treadmill, even close to 2000 pounds of lime (I´ve done this...). And you can do it cheaply, get good gas mileage, and likely as not, not see another EGT on the road. How many Galants do you see in a day?
:-( Jamesjamesjamesjamesjames - "If you can keep your head while all around are losing theirs etcetcetc .....! ;-)
Sorry I wasn´t home this weekend when this got posted up but I wanted to add.

Mitsubishi actually made a VR4 Galant. All wheel drive, twin turbo...whole shot like the 3000GT VR4´s. They are BAD ASS. So tell you friend he has props with picking a good sleeper.
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