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Happy New Year!!

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Hey all, be Happy new year and BE CAREFUL. don´t drink too much
and if you do don´t drive, I don´t want anything to happen your scorts! Oh yeah and I don´t want anything to happen to you either

I just have one question, is it REALLY almost 2003?????? geez when you´re lazy and don´t keep track of time, it sure does fly fast

Catch ya all on the flip side of 03~
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well, unfortunatly i did drink too much
...however that was after the party, once i got home....so yeah, i was watching joy ride, and i had like 12 glasses of white wine.....wow, i don´t remember that movie at all......oo and 12 glasses one after another isn´t fun....

well once again...

Happy New Year!!
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Im soo too young to drink
i had soo much fun.. by the end of the night.. i was clutching a wildberry 1l bottle and shaking back and fourth saying *cant sleep.. jesse´s watching...cant sleep.. jesse´s watching* for if i fell asleep he would shave my eyebrows in the middle so i had 4 eyebrows, draw a big penis on my face with permanent marker, and put old banana´s down my pants.. but he knew i would do the same..... i hope you all had a good new years also.... but today´s just another day
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i´m also to young to drink.....

but, my dad said help myself...so, 12 glasses later..

yeah, i don´t recommend it....drinking 12, than falling asleep, waking up an 1hr before work, w/ a hangover, and coming to realize you also have the flu...

sucks a big one

but it was fun
Well I had a good time rining in the new year. i was with my friends, and we split a keg and had a few bottles of the hard stuff. We played beer pong most of the night and a few games of quarters, but I didn´t drink to much cause I hate hangovers. Than when the ball dropped we ran around the neighborhood yelling and started a huge snowball fight. It was a good old time. And today we had the traditional pork and saurkraut. So it was a good time. Just wish I could have came up with some fireworks intime.
Well Happy new year to all and I hope yall stick to your resolutions. Theres a good question for ya all:
Whats your resolutions for this year??
I didn´t make any cause i never stick to them. But if I had to I would say start going to the gym again and study harder for my courses.
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