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ha ha!

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Friday I went to Seattle,it´s about 100 miles and pretty boring usually until I had to make a pit stop to use the facilities.When I come out there´s this lowered Prelude sitting there gettin ready to leave.It got about a four minute lead on me cause my girl hadent come out yet.I didn´t give it a second thought,until about 10 minutes after we left.I was as usual doin about 85 when I passed him and he decided to race, so I slowed a bit to see if he had anything,well he did but not enough.We got side by side doin like 80-85 and he hit it first he got about a car length on me before i knew it,I had to play catch up but I didn´t let him get any farther.He must not have been chipped cause I passed him around 110 and got about a quarter mile ahead as we were coming to the last turn b4 n.bend and I knew then and there that he was a tourist cause he didn´t slow I was flashing my brake lights until he passed and went right into the radar doin about 100 in a 70when you decide to engage in such competition either know the area or, pay attention.Can you imagine him trying to tell the cop that he was racing an escort G?(my girls) that looks as it did when it rolled off the line?the cop probably laughed "yeah I believe you!"
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