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yeah I didn't read all responses but my input is I lost 3/4 of my friends after high school, they pushed the down button the elevator and I pushed up, it happens, just keep going up.

I'm 21, I have had ONE sip of beer just a few weeks ago finally, and now I decided I have a better drug! my ESCORT GT! I work on it all the time and have lots to show for my "drug" so find your "drug" cars obviously, and stick with that! and I have God above to thank for where I'm at today, with out the big Man above I'd be nobody I'll tell you that right now.

keep your eyes forward and laugh at your "friend" he's only hurting himself man. nothing you can do about him you can try and give him advice but chances are he won't listen :( it's no fun. you'll find new better friends eventually! could be right away, or a year later, it's worth the wait for a true friend!

and sounds like you're already gonna forget him and find new friends so you've got it (helps to read ha ha!)
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