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I'm hopefully making it to the track 2 weeks from tommorow and want everyone to guess my time..

Here are my mods -

Removed from car -
cruise control
windshield washer resevoir/pump
hood heat liner
heat shields on exhaust
all speakers
all carpet
all insulation
all cork lining under the insulation
passenger seat
rear seats
seat belts for all seats removed except my own.
all interior panels except for door panels
spare tire
weatherstripping for rear hatch
Belt for AC/PS (the systems are still in - haven't removed those yet)

What I've done to the car -
Rx-7 VAM w/ K&N cold air intake
Timing advanced to 19*
Exhaust hacked off right behind the resonator
New ngk plugs
New magnecor wires
New fuel filter

It's a '91 GT 5spd
110k miles.
I shift at 7200, and sidestep when I shift, to give you an idea of how the car will be driven. :)
:) Discuss.

edit - I posted this because Siragan thinks I can't hit a 14.9. The '01 Integra Type R I raped on my way home from works thinks that won't be a problem.

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I've seen it at least twice, possibly three times. I'm guessing probably 12...

....minutes. That's about how long it's gonna take your fat mexican ass to push that pile of crap across the line HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA

faster, sanchez!!! yah! yah!!

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TitoElSpicco said:
James' SI should be running a 14.9. :)
How light do you think the Si is??? lol

It's 2800 lbs with me in it, and makes 160 hp.

I put in the real numbers and my car should be running a 15.12. Of course thats without a cD, or too much friction, but with a perfect shifting manual tranny.
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