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I know this is probably a dumb question but what is a GTX/GTR motor and what kind of car is it on? I am intirested in trying to put one in but i really have no idea what they are and how hard it is. Thanks for the replys.
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Okay Trash,

The GTX and GTR are Mazda BP motors just like our EGT´s. The only differences are compression ratio´s and of course, the turbo.

The GTX is basically our EGT motor with a little lower compression (I think I was told 8.5:1 ?) And it uses the IHI (Warner-Ishi) RHB5 - VJ-20 Turbo. The motor is found in the little Mazda 323´s from 1990-1994.

The GTR´s are nearly impossible to find. Best bet is to find one in Australia, New Zealand, or Japan. The GTR is basically the GTX with different pistons and puts out just over 200hp. Same car, Mazda 323. The GTR 323 was primarily a rally vehicle, so if you really want one, check with people that race WRC, they might have a friend of a friend type thing. GTX´s were the tuned down street version of the GTR. Even still the GTX and GTR are all wheel drive

hope that helps

btw- you can just get the VJ-20 turbo and turbo your EGT (second gen). I just kinda finished my turbo project tonight and hopefully will make it to the track tomorrow night
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