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gtx/gtr other turbos for my scort

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hey i was wondering where some good places to get a gtx or a gtr motor for my 92 gt. i wanna turbo it but i dont know if i should get a new motor or just turbo the one i got, if anyone has an idea let me know, also ive read the VJ-20 (im pretty sure) fits my escort where could i find that, thanks for the help
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You need a turbo exhaust manifold off of a 323 GTX/GTR...or you can get it from Corksport.com same with the VJ20 I think.
i´ll confirm that. its like 179 bucks for the manifold..and the turbos are there, u just have to request one....last i heard, they were running the ihi vj20´s for around 300.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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