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GTO Headlight Covers

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Does anyone own the GTO headlight covers for your LX? if so are they loose?
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I had GTS on my 94 they fit so tight I was always scared of takin em off.Great fit and a quality finsh.
hmmm, the reason i ask is cuz, i have GTO headlight covers that were orginaly made for a GT but they fit on my LX, exept on the right side which is orginal light, because my front left corner was in a accdent , but its been fixed and has a newer light, and the covers fit better on the new light then the old one, PTMD, how much were the GTS and did u have to drill holes or anything? or were they snap on?

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They just snap on...really easily
i have the gts covers in smoke, the fit good and look good but the cops around here have a big problem with them. i have been pulled over about 3 times for having headlight covers, even in the daytime. they just give me so many days to take it to the police station and show them that i have them off, then when i get home i put them back on again. got tired of getting busted for them , so i stopped putting them on. i liked them though, still have the back ones on , they don´t seem to have a problem with those
The cops here dont care if you have light covers, they got pissed when i had my licince plate cover on..lol got pulled over for that a few times
Sorry to say this guys and girls, but GTS went out of business a year ago so if you find any covers they must be backstock from the store you go to. I tried to get the rear wing for over the back window and my supplied told me this...
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