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gt motor swap

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not sure if this is the right place or not...
I have an 88 Ford escort lx with a bad 1.8l motor with a 5 speed could i take a motor from a 91 gt?? it is a 1.6 dohc 16v motor.
What would i need to do to do the swap? is a swap even possible?
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I have an 89 Pony and I´m constantly thinking about different swaps. I think if I can´t find a suitable (within my price range) ZX2 front clip I will probably settle for an 86GT swap for the mere fact that it will be way easier then putting the mazda motor in. I don´t even think the trans will bolt up. Or will it? anyone...?
Your 88 should be a 1.9, I think 84 and older were 1.6, the 91 GT is a 1.8.
The easyest swap for you first gen guy´s would be the First Gen 1.9 HO, It will a little bit of a pain because you will have to swap harness and PCM because of the different fuel injection. Swapping in the Mazda 1.8 would be even more diffecult.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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