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GT and LX wiring

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Hey, I dont have both side by side, but do both second gen cars have all the same plugs and connectors? I mean, will I need to change the entire electrical harness to make a swap work, 1.8L in a LX?
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not even close...yu are gonna have to swap everything...the 1.9 is a ford engine, the 1.8 is a mazda engine. DOHC vs SOHC, different connectors, different sensors, different fuses, its gonna be a full out swap, engine, tranny, ecu, wireharness, fuel pump, a/c system, everthing... Might just wanna buy a gt instead of converting....It would be cheaper that way....
yea its going to be a complete swap, but i disagree on buying a gt for cheaper, it is verry possible to find a cheap donar car for the swap, theres nothing quite like a dohc, lx esspecialy a four door, a true sleeper. i say go for it.
I was afraid of that. Some Fords have the provisions for other engine options, but with these, the electronics were nite and day different. My 92 gt is a 5speed, and when it would run it ran strong. Problem is a defective design on fords part. The fuel pump on your car has no fuse from the factory, and if your car is exposed to road salt as mine was, the top of the fuel pump/sending unit rusts, and the wiring that goes into the fuel tank shorts. Ford addressed this with a service bulletin, and on some cars in northern states, they had a inline fuse installed right under the back seat. Problem is, mine fell thru the crack of their cheapness, and when it shorted, it fried all the wiring inside the passenger compartment, AND in the fuel tank. Luckily the tank was full and no air was in it. I think it would be easier to yank the drivetrain and build it up and install it in another 2nd gen. I prefer another GT, but I havent found an affordable donor.
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yeh, when i bought my car, the thing sat for 6 months. i had the same problem with my fuel pump. The stupid thing sits in a recessment on top of the tank. and the metal o ring rusted through... i had fuel leaks all over the place when i would fill the tank.. had to replace the tank...
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