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Found these on GetAuto.Com if anybody´s interested. I´m thinking of picking up another GT (paid off mine yesterday!), so I´ll have one for track and another for the street as a commuter car. Here´s the list, it´s long:

1996 Ford Escort GT - $2695!!! Burgundy
Located in Southgate, MI

1996 Ford Escort GT - $Not listed Dark Green
Located in Essex, CN

1995 Ford Escort GT - $3385 Dark Green
Located in Hamilton Square, NJ

1995 Ford Escort GT - $Not listed White
Located in Auburn, MA

1995 Ford Escort GT - $Not listed Purple
Located in Amarillo, TX

1995 Ford Escort GT - $4750 Black
Located in Louisville, KY

1995 Ford Escort GT - $4497 Red - AUTOMATIC
Located in South County, MO

1995 Ford Escort GT - $Not Listed Green
Located in Columbus, GA

1995 Ford Escort GT - $5495 Green
Located in Bethlehem, PA

1994 Ford Escort GT - $3995 Dark Green - Photo looks very clean, cared for.
Located in Frederick, MD

1994 Ford Escort GT - $3995 Light Blue - AUTOMATIC
Located in Kinston, NY

1994 Ford Escort GT - $Not Listed Green
Located in Miami, FL

1994 Ford Escort GT - $3000 Dark Green
Located in Lima, OH

1994 Ford Escort GT - $6995 Black - AUTOMATIC
Located in Monroe, MI

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The cool thing is that they didn´t look beat on. Most GT´s I find in my area have had hard lives. The ones in the pics look good. Now I know it´s the dealer´s best interest to portray their cars in good light, but I don´t see a dealer going out of his way to make an Escort ´look´ pretty. These all looked good. I´d actually consider taking a trip outside the state for a good quality GT. Especially for a $2700 1996 model.

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I´m so happy I got my EGT for 350 bucks. Sure I had to put some new parts on like struts and stuff, but I probably would have replaced them anyway. Another plus is that I´ve never touched anything under the hood, save for an air filter and a new alternator belt. But I must admit if I had the money (or could get it) I would probably buy a new car. I may have bought a good running car, but it doesn´t fare so well in the looks department (damn rust!).

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yeah I got my 91 GT for 800 bucks. After a little work with the air/fuel, intake, exhaust, rust, and other minor electrical problems, she´ll run like a champ.

Only problem is rust. Interior looks great, but rust is everywhere on the poor chassis. All over the lower part of the engine bay, radiator mounts, along the body itself in many places, rear hatch, brake calipers, etc. It´s too bad, too. Rust and a bent frame are really the only things that keep me from putting a lot of money into a car. Because things like that require a new car... you can´t really upgrade the frame (well... body in this case) without essentially buying a new car, you know? I´ll take hella good care of it, but my scort has been driven in shitty upstate new york winter weather all its sad life, and it shows. Good thing it´s got a good home now... even if I do destroy o2 sensors :)

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I paid $1900 for my car. The dealer was asking $2600 for it. The dealer paid around $1200 for it. I know because my dad sold it to him. Kinda funny that my dad sells a car then i go and buy it. My dad was like why dont you wait and get something different, but i just had to have this car. I love it even though it aint perfect.
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