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GRR....Exhaust problems..still!!

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Ok I am ready to do my exhaust on my car....most of the guys I talk to on here say that they have gotten there´s done even in stainless from muffler shops for like 250-300 bucks....well where do you guys go? I went to a local one here that is suppose to be really good and for stainless they said about 800-1000!!!! Then I went to Meineke and they wanted 400-500 for cat back (including cat cuz mine is shot) 2.5" Then I asked if I could just get my own parts and have them installed and they said no. Someone please provide some solutions. Where can I get my own cat online and what is a good place that will install your own parts...
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what are good mufflers by the way...if I am buying one seperate
If i wanted to do it all myself with no welding is it possible...could I use these?

and where can i go to get a good price on magnaflow mufflers....
I did price checking on Magnaflow...everyone wanted like 200 bucks for one but I found one that I am getting if for 120 bucks! Its a place on the corner of 16th and National here in Milwaukee...National Muffler I think. and they will install everything witl 21/4 for like 250 with a high flow cat and res....I am getting the magnaflow that cta puts on there cat back...the 14615...
Hey I got it all installed to day guys....Sounds nice....but is my engine suppose to run warmer...I mean I am not overheating at all but it does run warmer
1 - 8 of 13 Posts
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