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Group 58 Battery alternate?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by topstraight, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. topstraight

    topstraight FEOA Member

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    1997 Escort station wagon--all stock.

    2000 ZX2 S/R.

    Need batteries in both. Has anyone had better success with group 26, 34, or others? Would like to get just a bit more CCA, life,etc.. Both would fit but are about one inch taller(give or take 1/8 inch).
  2. FordMan59

    FordMan59 FEOA Member

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    Russellville, Kentucky
    I too like to have extra CCA in my batteries and usually buy whatever battery I can find with the most CCA for the price that will fit in the battery box and not interfere with other components. The battery I currently have in my '97 wagon doesn't have the battery cover on it because it's a different series battery. I don't recall now what series battery I have in it. Years ago when I had a Mazda B2000 pickup I bought batteries recommended for a V8 Chrysler and put in it. I never had a problem with having enough CCA and the batteries usually lasted longer than a standard size battery. More plate area usually means more CCA and longer life batteries.
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  3. madmatt2024

    madmatt2024 FEOA Member

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    Upstate N.Y.
    The biggest obstacle is the way the battery is held down, it clamps on the bottom meaning the new battery hast to be the same width to be held in properly, unless you want to install a custom hold down. Group 59 has the same width and hold down interface but it's longer and taller

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