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gotta sell the scort... :(

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its a long story. Basically, I really need the money right now. Things really suck at the moment. I have a friend who is selling me a 400 dollar beater for winter, then next summer, ill re invest in another ride hopefully.

what should I ask (CDN) for a 93 lx, 220k, all stock cept GT rims. a few small paint chips, and the paint is fading a little bit on the front of the hood. oh, and the clutch is getting close to trouble. yeef, that sounds really shitty when you write it down..

any ideas, unless some mega super rich person on this board wants to accidently mail me a check for a couple G´s


*sigh* im gonna miss the old girl....
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Check www.trader.ca to see what the latest prices are. I´d say 2-3 G´s CND no problem.
i got $4000 cnd for my 93 scort lx 1.9 h/b and it had 230000k screwed clutch bunch of little dents and i sold it to a dealer..just make sure you never see it agian cause i seen mine all fixed and i almost cried...
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