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Gotta love that end of March blizzard...

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yes, ladies and gentleman, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, about 300 km´s north of the us/canada border (very rough estimate...), it is +2C outside, and snowing like there´s no tomorrow. don´t believe me? check the weather network. better yet, check out this video i took a few minutes ago with my webcam. oh, and it´s already gotten worse :-o everything is now white, abn getting whiter! snowing in regina it´s an AVI, about 1.2 MB´s, a short download for you >56kers, a slightly longer for u 56kers ;-)
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just figured out that you can´t load it from that link, so just copy / paste:
fuck we just got it too, theres like an inch of sticky assed snow all over, lol. its gay.
DAMN YOU JUGGY! it WAS nice until you said anything, we got like 1 1/2" of sticky THICK snow!! god it sucked *rallye fun*

damn you ;)
mwahahaha the power! teh p0\/\/4!!!1!11

at least it´ll all be dried up again in a day or two
I´m really hoping we get some here in the mtns of NC on Saturday night like they´re predicting.. because Sunday morning I´m going to watch some buddies autox their BMWs.. but if it snows I´m going to get a chance to race the scort wagon since she´s got snow tires on her. :D
Yup, I´m in Minnesota (Twin Cities area) and we got it too! It´s still piling up outside my door. Always tends to happen around basketball finals time. Old man winter tries to have the final say, but I know it´ll melt. ;-) In like a lamb, out like a lion as they say....
:) 68 degrees F here - glorious sunshine and no rain for over 30 days!! Probably rain for the rest of the summer now, hey ho! :-?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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