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I did my set up for about $2200 bucks so far, I could of done it for about $1600.

For 5-6psi
Exhaust manifold
(had to have a custom flex pipe made to go to my cat too)
IC piping
FMU (FPR 8:1)
Boost Gauge
A/F gauge (I´m using an EGT gauge)
Fuel Pressure Gauge
New O2 sensor and wiring
Ignition system w/ timing retard
Ignition coil
New spark plugs
Stuff to tap the oil pan
Stuff to do the oil lines and coolant lines
Stuff to fab the factory wastegate down to 5-6psi
Tons of check valves
2.25" exhaust
Much more little stuff

That´s to get started, to run more boost from there:
bigger injectors
fuel computer
boost controller
half shafts
2.5" exhaust

Go really insane:
Time to have a professional tune your car on a dyno
Haltech or other stand alone system
Ball bearing cartridge with bigger turbo
bigger IC pipe and IC
better seats to help with the whiplash ;-)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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