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Got this weird noise

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Hey everyone...okay so I´m all set to bolt the turbo on this week and all of a sudden I get this little loss in performance and I´m hearing alot of "road noise" from the back end of the car. I can´t figure it out at all. I only have a few guesses:

1. nother clogged cat-coverter...just hasn´t blown yet

2. exhaust leak by a rear wheel.

3. exhaust valve seals gone, or valves just burnt.

Any idea´s or simular situations ?
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Does it sound like a tire going?

Check your rear wheel bearings. I just had to replace mine. Also had to replace rear pads and caliper, since the caliper siezing is what caused it...

The inner race welded right to the spindle. Luckily we got it off.

Some how, the caliper siezed, heated the rotor, warped it, and the heat flowed through and welded the bearing to the spindle...

Oh, the knee bone is connected to the shin bone, the shin bone is connected to the ankle bone...

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I keep checking my tires...they´re crappy kumho 712´s. But I dont think they´re bad. They´re a little feathered but not bad. Outside tread depths are reading about 3/32´s and the insides are reading 4/32´s. And they´re inflated up to about 38lbs.

I didn´t think of the wheel bearing though...I´d almost guess that everything in the back from bearings to rotors and brakes are from 93...9 years would be about right. Makes so much sense too...as I accelerate it gets louder (almost louder then the exhaus and that hurts peoples ears), as I slow it slows down. Makes perfect sense.

Thanks for the info Ryan.


Jason Blade
93´ Escort GT (Special SLO model)

[ Edited by TheBlade On Date 09-03-2002 ]
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Hey Ryan check this out,

So I go to work and get my scort up on the lift, pull the rear wheel bearings out.

the rear wheel bearings are actually two bearings pressed into a hub assembly.

The inner bearing on both sides were SHOT. They moved like they were spinning in a bowl of chili, you know the chunky kind.

Then I find no place in town has them in stock, and they´re about 90 bucks a piece. AHHH!

But you could see where the spindle was starting to turn black from the heat. I´m feeling pulsation in my brake too.

So I think I over heated my rear discs and warped them, and hence caused my rear wheel bearings to go and almost lost the spindle too. Thanx man you saved me not only money, but maybe my life if the thing had seized up on me.

Here´s a question for ya though....I went to order the assemblies and they told me there wasn´t a listing for a 93 with rear disc, no abs. Napa kept telling me rear discs didn´t exist on a scort 93 and older. So I ordered the bearing for a 94. Think it will be exactly the same ?
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Hmmm... The bearing and the hub are the same thing. All one piece. I got mine straight from Ford from the dealer for about $85 Canadian, so it should be like $60 american from the dealer. I think NAPA nailed you.

Just call the dealer first thing tomorrow AM and ask about the rear bearings for your car. Ford just might be cheaper!

Although, the hub should be the same part. Probably just an updated casting in the parts catalogue.

Anyway, glad we caught it in time... Check the rotors and calipers and pads while you have it apart, no time like the present to do a little upgrading!

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Did you fellas ever grease your caliper pins? I have found that to be a particularly important maintenance factor. The calipers should move quite freely by hand. If they are not greased properly, the caliper will not release fully, or, worse yet, get stuck completely engaged. This overheats the pad and the rotor, which can, not only, overheat the bearings, but can overheat the caliper seals, as well, necessitating a premature caliper rebuild. Completely rebuilding the rear caliper is a major PItA. I had to make my own circlip removal tool by grinding down the tips of some stork pliers.

Sorry to hear that your car is wounded. Hope you get back on the street, soon, and for small $.

i have pulsating in my brakes too feels like in the front, i changed pads and the calipers seemed ok. could a wheel bearing cause that feeling also, or would it be the disc. never done anything witht he discs before just put pads on
Well, I told Napa that I was getting the part for one of my customers at Sears so I ended up getting them for 40 bucks a piece american.

I know why they ended up going....since the scort isn´t turbo´d yet, I dont brag about my quarter, but I do brag about my 80-0mph time
Doing a couple demo´s this past month I know I heated up the rotors pretty good, and since the fronts are already slotted and crossdrilled, I´m sure they cooled a little better.

I do plan on upgrading the rears with DBA rotors and EBC greenstuff pads, but my big focus is to get this turbo in within the next week or so.
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Hey "The Blade" how much was your turbocharger to just buy it, and how much is the rest of the plumbing going to cost you do you think? And do you know where you can get an intercooler too? I own a 92 GT and it looks like it shouldn´t be on the road. i´ve had two major major breakdowns in the past 10 months i´ve had it. first the timing belt broke, my fault for not thinking about havin that looked at, and then it started burning oil thanks to the rings on the pistons being old. I´ve been looking into buying a new Corolla S but the problem is i love this car too much and plus i already OWN it, by myself. If i can rebuild this engine i can get it ready for a turbo/supercharger, i can hopefully get it up to about 200+ HP and if i can do that i´m sure i could take my friends 01 Mustang GT
. Which is what i want to do just to show him that BIG HP and TORQUE numbers aren´t everything. I just put new replacement spark plug wires in it and realized the shop that rebuilt my engine didn´t bother to tighten down the Cam Cover bolts down. Needless to say that pissed me off. So far i know everything i need to know. I-4 cyl, 1803cc (1.8L), 5sp MT 7k Redline. I can´t get my 0-60 under 10 seconds (10.2) when i timed it myself, but i´m thinking about tearing out as much of my interior as possible to see what i can do (passenger, rear seats, door panels, etc.) I´m aiming to get this 2777 lb car to 6 second or under (0-60) and at least to a 14 second 1/4 mile. and i know a turbo will be the only way. But first i´m wondering if anybody knows any awesome shops in the mid-states that i could take it to to have it rebuilt (illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan)??? I have about 4 or 5 months to think about fixing My Baby up or buying a new Corolla. thanks a lot guys.

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Did you fellas ever grease your caliper pins? I have found that to be a particularly important maintenance factor.


Well Marcus, I blame that on mine going kaput. I was there when the fronts were done, so I know they were done properly. Unfortunately I was sick when the rears were done (chicken pox at the age of 23!
) so I had the mechanic do them in his garage at home... Chances are it was late and he forgot, or got lazy, or something...

Anyway kiddies, grease your caliper pins and sliders, or you´ll be sorry!

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