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Whoops...posted a tech thread before an introduction.

Anyway...I've just inherited a '98 Escort from my grandmother who can no longer drive. Convenient timing, as the rust and miles (260k+) are starting to really take a toll on my beloved '97 Ranger. (Basically, the truck is rusty enough that I can't justify fixing any of the little stuff that's just going to keep going wrong.) Really wish the Escort was a stick-shift (I HATE automatics) but other than that, it's a nice little car.

I'm a Ford guy, do just about all my own work on my truck and will on the Escort, too. Just graduated college with a degree in Civil Engineering...went to school in Maine, but I'm back home in Massachusetts until I can find a job (hopefully back up north).

I'll probably make a few minor modifications as the years roll on, but I value reliability and efficiency above performance, and I'm too cheap to spend much of anything on appearance-only mods.

Long-term, looking at a CD player, CB radio, maybe some fog lights, better (bigger) side mirrors...and possibly a trailer hitch when the time comes that I actually get rid of my Ranger.
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