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Got Boost, but No Pull

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I dont know how many people are FI savvy, but it doesn´t matter, I´m up for any idea´s.

Okay so tonight I´m supposed to drive to Vegas to show my old roommate that con´d me into boosting the escort my now boosted escort

At the track last week I was having a problem with my fuel pressure demand going to high and the pump cutting out. Okay, well last night and this morning I ran into a new prob.

Now, its been running fine since returning from the track a week ago, and all of a sudden the scort will still show 5psi but the pull will be gone.

The only thing that makes sense right now is I´m blowing out the spark, so I need new plugs and to check and make sure I´m running the .038 gap I normally run.

I can hear a leak in my gas tank that I never heard before last night. I can hear pressure leaking out of the tank. Does anyone know if that can affect my fuel flow causing a super lean burn thats intermittant. Yeah, it will fall over on itself with boost, but then come right back if I keep my foot in it.

Any thoughts ?
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my older bro had this problem w/ his 300zx.......

as it goes...he blew the 2 gaskets around the turbo inlet and output piping......blew an oilcooling line....

and finally blew the turbo...

i´d say, check the gaskets, timing, fuel deliver......other than that, i dunno
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