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I was droving with 3 friend of mine at about 110-115 km/h and suddenly I see Red&Blue light... hit the brake, see the cops turn over and run after me...
He arrive, tell me that I was driving at 127 km/h !!! I was just so surprise that I didn't speak... 220 $ CA :(
When I look the name of the officer on the ticket... I remember that it was the same cop that give me my first ticket; for passing on a red light, but it was yellow and the cop was 2 street away and a car was in front of me and I wanted to contest it, but I was 17 in that time so my parent didn't want to...so I paid it.
That time... He was behind a car and still... he got me...:(
It's certain that I will contest it because I have 3 witness that said that I was driving at 110 km/h and also...
I wanted to ask you: Since my motor was swap, it is possible that my speedometer can be innacurate?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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