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I was droving with 3 friend of mine at about 110-115 km/h and suddenly I see Red&Blue light... hit the brake, see the cops turn over and run after me...
He arrive, tell me that I was driving at 127 km/h !!! I was just so surprise that I didn't speak... 220 $ CA :(
When I look the name of the officer on the ticket... I remember that it was the same cop that give me my first ticket; for passing on a red light, but it was yellow and the cop was 2 street away and a car was in front of me and I wanted to contest it, but I was 17 in that time so my parent didn't want to...so I paid it.
That time... He was behind a car and still... he got me...:(
It's certain that I will contest it because I have 3 witness that said that I was driving at 110 km/h and also...
I wanted to ask you: Since my motor was swap, it is possible that my speedometer can be innacurate?

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The same thing happened to me!!! I was doing about 118 km/h, my speedometer was not off, because I was checking it with a $300 GPS meter that tells speed, distance etc; at that very moment.

And I was in the third lane with cars going in front of me and behind me!!!

So if I went any slower, I would have endangered other people.

Next thing I know I see cops on the right under the bridge so I know there's a speed trap. Of course I can't slow down; I'm already going slow. Fast for me is 240 km/h.

Next thing I know, there a cop with its siren's on pulling over the car behind me, wait no, its passing that car, I better pull into the middle lane; wait no, he's on my tail.

Mother fu***r. I slam on my brakes into the hard shoulder.

Yes officer. "You were doing 129 km/h!"

Well I'm taking it to court.

I told you what I was doing. There's no way I could have been doing less in that lane.

What I was doing was following the flow of traffic. I was not speeding. Speed for me is really speeding (racing) -- which I don't do exept on 0.03% of the distance I drive. I was trying hard not to speed that day.

Anyway, we'll see the cop in court, and test his fine memory of that day.

I certainly wasn't doing 129 km/h. That is a false claim.

I did some graduate level chemistry work, yesterday, with some students from Germany and they were saying that there's many highways there with no speedlimits (including the autobahn). Where its routine to travel over 220 km/h. Many other highways have speedlimits of 130 km/h.

The system here is just centred around robbing people's money. Most of the accident's I've see are due to tailgaiting; not speeding. Even if you look at the satistics canada reports you'll find this. Or if there is a speeding accident, it is overplayed.
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