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Got a ticket, but wait!

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Yesterday I got nailed by an unmarked dodge intrepid state trooper. He gave me a $172 ticket for following too closely and unsafe lane changes. I think I might have actually cut in front of him one time lol! BUT, he wrote the wrong license # on my ticket! I am going down to the courthouse next week and see if they will dismiss it due to false information on the ticket. Wish me luck!
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You could also claim entrapment. I hate unmarked cars. we have Camaro Z28s, Chevy Impalas, and 2 generations of Ford Crown Vics to worry about, with the Indiana State police, Sherriffs, ft wayne cops, and new haven cops...they´re all everywhere. The ft wayne cop that stopped me two years ago was a complete asshole...he lectured me on how when he was my age he never got a ticket, i just thought you assf**k, that just means you never got caught. but I didn´t want to mouth off so I just nodded my head in shame :p
Lol... this is kinda funny...

last time I was pulled over, there was this little voice in the back of my head that said:


and I actually tuned out the officer and just smirked. He was a little peeved, but I just stroked him and kissed ass and squirmed my way out of it. muhahaha I´d love to go grant theft auto style and just totally go nuts. I mean not really, but I guess it´s everybody´s fantasy when you get pulled over for such trivial matters. sigh.... stupid life with consequences... thank god I can come home to GTA :-] :-] :-] :-] :-]
not like the cop asked him to switch lanes and follow to closely :) good luck getting it thrown out though mike.
here´s some of my pull over stories...

1st time......i just got my license like 3-4 before...i´m out w/ my lady...it´s like 2 am...we´re driving around in my township....i get pulled over....well for no real reason.....i get asked for my papers...give them to him....(i´m in a nissan 300zx...w/ the t-tops off)....the officer says "i don´t need see your papers i know who you are *bap*" :-o he hit me on the back of my head...and let me go, because i knew him :-]

2nd time....

couple months later, in my dad´s dodge dakota...v6 5spd.........
i was going down 65 not speeding, not weaving nothing.....it´s midnight, cop pulls me over....and comes to the door askes for papers.....he says "son, you know you have studded snow tires on this truck?".....i was like "officer, it´s my dad´s truck, he handed me the keys, and told me to have fun....i had no idea"....than he looked at my license, called me a punk, and threatened to take my license away, because i had studded snow tires on the truck in the middle of summer......i just smiled, nodded, he gave me a my ticket and let me go......

my ticket was a 134$$ equipment violation....please explain to me how i could have my license revoked over that?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!
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He´s a f**king asshole, 86...simple as that. He´s a pure-bread asshole who thinks everyone should be up to speed on every possible law out there as well as he is. Most Fort Wayne cops are like that. New haven cops are really nice, I know a lot of them, my dad was on the city council for 15 years. ;-) my dad said though, if i ever used his name to get out of a ticket and it got back to him (believe me, it would...fast) he´d make me wish I´d just take the ticket and pay it.
careful cause they can just hand you a new ticket before you take it to court :-?
I´m not trying to be a jerk BUT!.... it IS your responsibilty to know the laws. God would it be nice if it wasn´t.... "officer I didn´t know speeding was illegal".
My buddy got out of his street racing ticket cause they put the wrong plate number down. What a lucky break. As far as entrapment that won´t work. Unmarkeds are perfectly legal. And I totally agree with egtdude. You should know the laws if you are driving. I can understand it being your dads truck and not seeing the tires or thinking anything of it, and that was pretty stupid of the cop be an ass like that to you. i have gotten out of a few in my day by saying it´s not my car. I do alot of illegeal stuff and my car is pretty illegal in it self, but I am aware of my stupidity.

25-01-2003 at 20:33, BlackMx-3 wrote:
careful cause they can just hand you a new ticket before you take it to court :-?


That´s why I am making a copy of it and bringing it down there. The original will stay at home ;-)
"I´m not trying to be a jerk BUT!.... it IS your responsibilty to know the laws. God would it be nice if it wasn´t.... "officer I didn´t know speeding was illegal"."

I was refering to the "equipment violation" ticket he got, not the speeding tickets. I never knew they could pull you over for stupid shit like that, I know they can stop you if you have a headlight/brake light out or if one is broken, etc. Besides, if speeding is so damn illegal why do i see Ft Wayne cops do 30 over down roads with a posted limit of 25 and then turn on their lights as they roll through a red light? Yeah. If they can do that then I should be able to drive my 10 over without having to worry about a f**king ticket. I hate cops that think they´re above the law. :-|
I agree with you that cops doing things that we can´t sucks...however in AZ there are some calls they can not run the lights for because its to minor. So speeding a little doesn´t bother me a whole lot.

In all honesty we all push the rules a little, especially at work. However because you do something at work that you aren´t suposed to doesn´t make it OK for a co-worker etc to do it also.
Last time I saw a cop flip on his lights and run a light, he wasn´t even on a call. He flipped em on, ran it, then flipped em back off. Thats what REALLY pisses me off. There´s no way really that I can "push the rules" at work, because i work with phone systems where are very tempermental, either they work or they don´t. There is very rarely a short cut worth taking in my line of work.
I got pulled over the night before last. 75 in a 45. At least I was honest with the cop, just having fun with the boost.

Got a warning written for 73 in a 55.

I popped the hood and showed him....didn´t seem to understand anything :p
lol jason...

few days ago I pulled 97 in a 45... the roads were really good and the air was icy cold and dry and my escort was all nice and warmed up and driving better than I´ve ever seen it drive before... I couldn´t help myself :)

good thing I was on a road where cops never are... kinda stinks how the cop didn´t even car that you turbo´d your escort... sigh

I think that you should have the option of going for different types of liscenses and "higher level" liscenses that require much greater skill allow people to legally travel like 20mph over the speed limit or something. I think that is a pretty good idea honestly.

I actually remember taking my driving test. It was rediculously easy. I had a total of 7 hours of driving experience under my belt... as in, I had only driven a car for 7 hours of my life prior to taking the test. I still aced it my first try doing all the criteria on the list. Kinda scary. :)
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that is an awesome logo... I´m cought between "wow" and "oh shit thats going to offend the woman folk" *L*
thanks... it took me forever to edit out the tan lines on her body and get all the dimensions right but I think it kicks ass after all is said and done. if we get any shit from the women, I´ll take it off or edit on a head of dan rathers :)
Remeber this too....if your signature is on that ticket...it will be hard to thrown out unless the cop doesn´t show up in court. ;-)
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