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going insane

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i swear my computer is playing an april fools joke on me, everytime i click a link in IE my cdrom opens, yet in mozilla it works fine, lol wtf? it has stumped me and i am in the comp feild for crying out loud, oh well. maybe it will be over tomarow
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You may want to read the *april fools* post, some "WISE GUY" decided it would be funny, but i think it was only for that post, but it leaked into everywhere on FEOA? odd huh

ps, a good song came to my head when i herd this

*I Am Slowly Going Crazy, 1-2-3-4-5-6 Switch, Crazy Going Slowly Am I 6-5-4-3-2-1 Switch*
ha it must of leaked, annoying i almost broke my cdburner, but it did it to me when i was checking wicked wagons post, so all i can say is fix it lol
it does it everytime you send a post or open a post up...it´s pissing me off.
it does it to me even if im not on feoa so go figure lol, but it doesnt do anything with mozilla, so imma mozilla it for a while
How do I stop this it is fucking pissing me off!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah somebody ripped off the code I pasted in.

HTML coding is a security hole on the forum. It´s too bad because people like my like to use html for linking and when slapyo and the gang read this, they´ll be like, "jeez, siragan is right, we should take off html" and they´ll take of html and make me sad.

god damnit
Once again....How the hell do we make it quit?

01-04-2003 at 19:46, nukewater wrote:
*I Am Slowly Going Crazy, 1-2-3-4-5-6 Switch, Crazy Going Slowly Am I 6-5-4-3-2-1 Switch*


sharon lois and bram, anyone?
once recovering from my disc drive opening madness, i started having another problem (and i know it´s not from FEOA, btw): my computer has become thoroughly infected with pop up ads. i can turn my comp off, then on, do nothing, and 5 mins later there will be 4 of them sittin there on my screen. anyone know of some LEGIT shareware to rid my computer of this 3vil inf3s747i0n? :-Y
First of all, get ad-aware and run it. It scans your harddrive and removes any spyware crap.

Then check out some of these freeware and shareware programs for pop-up killers: www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_description/0,fid,8060,00.asp

I´m using the trial version of Pop-Up Stopper, a shareware program, right now.. and it works very very well.
lol i sent an email to my tech.support friend 2 floors down, he rocommended the same thing, same place. thxs for the info beaver! maybe i can actually play my computer games again... :-]
:-o Maybe I am your tech support friend!

Or maybe not.. unless of course you commute 1200miles to work every morning.

Although I am a tech support person on the bottom floor of a 3 story building.. :-o :-]
lol well if it was you, you came into my office this morning... :-W
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