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Ok guys I found this site interesting. http://www.stealth316.com/2-pennzoil-synchromesh.htm

I know on ERDT that someone was talking it up. Well if you are interested then you will find this article interesting. You don't have to go to GM to get it. I am going to try it over the winter because I need a new tranny anyway but I think I am going to wait till spring...or try I should say. This stuff is suppose to be wonderful and I am going to give it the old college try.

Here is what some of our brothers in Mazda think...http://www.msprotege.com/forum/showthread.php?t=66468

A word on rebuilt 1.8 MT.

Sarge is awesome I must say. Hooked me up with some parts and some info. He apparently went through www.mantrans.com for a rebuilt 1.8 tranny. From what I understand, and I am going to be calling them myself,

For 850 bucks they will ship you a rebuilt tranny. Provided that within 30 days you send back a core or your charged an extra 250 bucks. Whats awesome is that they arrange pickup. You don't pay extra shipping...nothing just 850 bucks and tell them where you are to arrange pickup of your old one within 30 days. Don't get much better than that
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